Basic Life Goals


Basic Life Goals

What are the Three Basic Goals of Life?

This curriculum is developed around the idea that there are Three Basic Goals of Life and Education. Bearing these goals in mind shapes education to fulfill its deepest purpose: to produce well-rounded, capable, and benevolent people who are a boon to society and to themselves. Educating children to be better and happier human beings is the essential goal of education, even as they learn the technical expertise needed to serve our world to the best of their abilities. The 'Basic Life Goals' education and training program seeks to correct the imbalance in current education by devoting special attention to the development of the inner human being—the core of which is heart and conscience.

Virtues in and of themselves are not always enough. Virtues are not always used in the service of good. There have been dictators who had strong wills and great self-discipline; there have been terrorists who worked with diligence long into the night to perfect their techniques; there have been computer hackers who put in long hours of study and practice to hack into the most well-guarded sites; there have been thieves who were very generous with their stolen treasures. Virtues developed within a framework of purpose, such as the Three Basic Life Goals, serve to craft a life of goodness.

The First Life Goal: Forming a Mature Character
Young children and teenagers have a will to maturity. This is evidenced by a youngster’s declaring, “I’m not six. I’m six-and-a-half!” Teenagers strive to be grown-up, sometimes through the use of make-up, by yearning to learn to drive and be independent, by being assertive, and sometimes by working on their physiques to achieve a cultural ideal of attractiveness. Later in life too, there continues to be a will toward greater maturity and greater fulfillment of the personality.

The Second Life Goal: Attaining Loving Relationships and Family
People feel incomplete without loving relationships with family and friends. These relationships contribute a great deal to making us into the people we are. Without them, we feel detached, lonely, unfulfilled, and depressed. Warm and loving relationships with others—relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and other associates—are one of the most rewarding parts of life. When relationships are stressed, empty, or not there, people suffer a great deal.

The Third Life Goal: Making a Positive Contribution
Erikson characterized a mature stage of life as wanting to be generative and creative rather than lapsing into stagnation. People have a need in life to use their creativity to make a positive contribution to society and the world. This is usually done through the work or career that they choose, but it may also be expressed through hobbies, volunteer work, contributing to causes they believe in and in other ways through which they generate beauty and productivity. People are unfulfilled in life if they feel that their lives have been in vain, their efforts have come to naught.

Basic Life Goals
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